Health Assistant (HA)-3 Years

Certificate in General Medicine (or Health Assistant) program is 3 years program affiliated to CTEVT which aim to provide mid-level health professionals who can assist the rural community in health care.

General Medicine Graduate having established career goals and refined clinical competency can seek further education which will strengthen their professional image challenge their scholastic abilities and prepare them for undergrad school if desired.

The first year focuses on general basic science while the second and third year is purely applied science. There are field exposure hospital and emergency exposure for the students of General Medicine. After passing General Medicine one can independently work in any hospital nursing home and health institutions of government and non-government sector.


Secured at least CGPA 2 in SEE/SLC  or at least 45% in SLC or at least 68.33% in CMA from recognized academic institution.

Job Prospect

Those who completed General Medicine course can be eligible to sit in the entrance examination of Bachelor in Public Health (BPH) and other disciplines, but need to complete deficiency course of science conducted by Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB) to be eligible for MBBS entrance examination.

Prospect Careers

Auxiliary Health Worker (AHW)

Health Information Technicians

Curricular Structure

First Year 

Subject Marks
English 100
Compulsory Nepali 100
Social Studies 50
Anatomy/Physiology 100
Botany 100
Zoology 100
Chemistry 100
Physics 100
Mathematics, Statistics and Computer 100

Second Year

Subject Marks
Medicine -I

(Clinical Method, communicable disease and system disease)


(General Surgery and orthopedics and Physiotherapy)

Clinical Pathology

(Microbiology, Parasitology, Biochemistry, Hematology)

OB/GYN 100
Pharmacology and Pharmacy 100
Environmental Health 100
Health Education 100
PHC/Family Health

(Nutritional, maternal child, family planning, population issues)

Epidemiology and Community diagnosis 100
Basic Medical Procedures/ First Aid 100

Third Year

Subject Marks
  • Pediatrics
Internal/Assessment Marks
  • Medicine II
  • A. Psychiatry
  • B. Dermatology/Sexually transmitted infections
Internal/Assessment Marks
  • Surgery-II
  • (ENT, Dentistry, Ophthalmology)
Internal/Assessment Marks
  • Comprehensive Clinical Practice
  • Emergency
  • Medicine
  • Surgery – ENT, Eye, General Surgery
  • Clinical Pathology (Laboratory)
  • Pharmacy, Pharmacology (Dispensing)
  • Obs/Gyane
  • Family Health (MCH,FP)
  • Basic Medical Procedures
  • Comprehensive community field practice:
  • Community Health
  • Diagnosis
  • a. Environmental  Health
  • b. Epidemiology and Communicable disease
  • c. Health Education
  • d. PHC/ Health post attachment
Internal/Assessment Marks