Best TVET Courses Provider in Koshi Province

Why Choose NIT College?

NIT, a leading institute in the eastern region of Nepal, places equal emphasis on both theory and practical classes. Students benefit from its well-equipped laboratory and hospital. NIT is committed to providing quality education, ensuring high-quality output, and creating ample employment opportunities. The primary educational approach at NIT revolves around student-centered teaching and learning techniques. NIT prepares its students in a manner that equips them to face life's challenges in the future. Furthermore, this institution is located in a peaceful area with a friendly environment. The college is committed to offering employment opportunities to its students upon completion of their courses.

General Medicine

(Health Assistant-3 Years Program)

Lab Technician

(Certificate in Medical Lab Technician- 3 Years Program)

Short Term Tainings

(Early Childhood Development Facilitator- 390 Hrs)

Computer Engineering

(Pre-Diploma in Computer Engineering-1.5 Years Program)