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The NIT is equipped with adequate number of basic and reference book with health related magazines, national and international journals and periodical and daily weekly newspaper. Our library equipped with technical personnel and the commonly practiced cataloguing system to enable easy and proper access and circulation. We believe “books are students best friends” hence and elaborate collection of books is available for student including Journals and research works apart from course material reference material.

Books related to the subject matter are available in this library more than the ratio of 1:2 required by trainers and trainees. It is arranged that trainees can use 2-2 books for seven days. This library has the facility to study various types of Newspapers, Text Book, Reference Book, Journal, Dictionary, Google Book, E-Library Services etc.


♦ Well-equipped library
♦ Sufficient availability of text books
♦ Plenty of reference books
♦ Updated subscription of Medical Journals, Newsletters